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Photographers can shoot additional amenities in the neighborhood for a small fee including parks, pools, entrance signs, etc. subject to area vacancy.
Photographers can not enter a property with pets that are not contained for legal and safety reasons. Please secure your pets before the shooter to arrive to minimize the stress of your pet and avoid a late cancellation charge.
Properties should be photo ready upon photographers arrival. If the property is not available, the photographer may only be able to shoot areas that are ready to go and the rest may need to be rescheduled at an additional cost.
Photographers can not move personal objects, heavy items, or change light bulbs during a shoot for safety and insurance reasons.
If a photographer is required to travel with client on any motorized vehicle to reach portions of the property, this needs to be scheduled ahead of the appointment to allow for extra time and safety precautions to be put in place. There is a small fee required for this service.
Photoshopping services are available for pictures, subject to MLS rules and can be custom quoted at the time of your order, or after photo delivery.
Pricing subject to change without notice.
Customer is responsible for confirming order information is correct on confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours of your shoot, please contact the office at 855-991-2095 to receive it.