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The Little Genius Tech Blog for REALTORS: Facebook Photo Tips

How to Create a Facebook Photo Album   How to Upload a Facebook Profile Picture and Cover Photo    How to edit a photo for Facebook from your iPhone 

ICNY 2014 Inman Ambassadors Blog: “Completely Unplug for a Week” Zach Schabot

ICNY 2014 Inman Ambassador Zach Schabot talks about giving yourself permission to turn off technology, silence your phones, and be in the moment. Zach Schabot is the Founder of @GoConnectApp - a checklist app for real estate agents and @GoRealty - a culture based real estate company in Cary, NC Learn more about Inman Connect here: inman.com/connect

ICNY 2014 Inman Ambassadors Blog: “Using Google Hangouts for pre-listing meetings” Andrea Geller

Inman Ambassador Andrea Geller talks about using Google Hangouts to meet with potential buyers and sellers. This allows sellers to have a pre-listing meeting and buyers to preview a property without even being present. Andrea Geller is a REALTOR with Coldwell Banker in Chicago, Ill. Learn more about Inman Connect here: inman.com/connect

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