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ICNY 2014 Inman Ambassadors Blog: “Discovering new languages using Duolingo” with Lindsay Listanski

Inman Ambassador Lindsay shares her "go to" app for when she has downtime. Lindsay Listanski is the Social Media Manager & Licensed Referral Agent at Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC Lindsay's Blog Learn more about Inman Connect here: inman.com/connect

ICNY 2014 Inman Ambassadors Blog: Protecting your Art & Photography with Camera+ & iWatermark with Sean Carpenter

Inman Ambassador Sean Carpenter guides us through quick and simple apps to use to protect your original art and photography. Sean Carpenter is a REALTOR with Coldwell Banker King Thompson. http://www.carpscorner.net Learn more about Inman Connect here: inman.com/connect

The Little Genius Tech Blog for REALTORS: iPhone Tips

How to Close Apps on your iPhone 4 or 4s (to conserve battery)   How to "remove the battery" or "hard reset" your iPhone (any model)   How to Organize Your iPhone Apps How to password protect your iPhone by adding a Lock Screen    

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