Real Estate Video Blog: “Face to Face Communication” with Real Estate Speaker Jeff Turner

Jeff Turner, Real Estate Tech & Social Media Expert, talks to us about how vital face to face communication is for solidifying relationships, even those created in a digital realm.

Jeff Turner ( is President at RealSatisfied and Partner at Zeek Interactive.

Hear Jeff Turner at the 2013 REALTORS® Conference & Expo on November 10, 2013, speaking about “Elite Listening and Brand Strength.”

Complete Transcript:

Technologies, internet technologies make everything more efficient, but the one thing that the internet doesn’t make more efficient is our ability to really get to know someone and to trust someone. I can learn more sitting and talking to someone face to face making eye contact, you know those little micro movements in your face that give away whether or not you are serious or not serious, whether or not you lying or telling me the truth, those things are impossible to see in text messages. I told a story in one of my speeches, I was speaking to the Kentucky association of realtors, it was pre-presentation and a guy that I had known for a long time online, probably five years from active rain, and Facebook, and twitter, I recognized him, knew his name, went up hugged him, you know it was that classic we had never met face to face but we had been talking online forever, and it was like meeting an old friend for the first time. It was really an amazing thing, and so we walked to the back of the room, and a few minutes later somebody that I didn’t know, somebody that knew him walked up and began talking to us. After about ten minutes I was totally engaged with this other person that I had never had any contact with before in my life, he was intelligent, he was engaging, I was attracted to him as a person. There was an immediate sense that I could trust this person that this is someone that I would do business with, after about ten minutes of talking to him face to face, and it hit me in that moment. Its taken me five to six years to get to the point with this guy who I had never seen before and in ten minutes I had almost the same feeling about this stranger that I did about this other stranger who I had known for five to six years, and I think we place too much value sometimes over what the technology can do for us in terms of building and creating meaningful relationships. I don’t discount for a second social media’s ability to connect us. I love everything that comes from it. So many relationships in my life started online,  but we can’t marginalize, in fact we make a mistake if we marginalize how effective getting people into a face to face meeting is for solidifying relationships, for building relationships, and I think we fool ourselves if we think that social media will ever ever ever replace the efficiency and effectiveness of face to face communication. It’s never going to happen, not even in Skype, not even video.

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