Real Estate Video Blog: Reducing Your Pets’ Stress During The Moving Process.

“When you’re moving you’re going to be a lot more stressed. Be aware that your pet is also going to be very stressed as well. And be prepared for that. Make them a priority. Be watching for that.

For dogs, you are going to notice maybe more panting, salivating, and their eyes might be wider, they may be shaking, their tail may be tucked or down lower than usual. For cats you may notice an increase in their hiding, their tail might shake or flicker back and forth. They also can pant as well, it’s very unusual but if they are starting to pant, it means that their stress level is beyond the threshold of the normal cat.

If you can maybe take your dog to a doggy day care for a half a day or a whole day. While all this stuff is going on in your house then they don’t have to worry about what’s going on. Trust me, they’re not worrying about what’s going on, because they get to go and be a dog. They get to play in a pack, and they get to just be a dog and not have to worry about what’s going on, “who’s coming in my house”, all that.

It’s such a good idea to go and do something for the animal, for the dog, for the cat, to help them to just de-stress. Take them somewhere, play with them. Take a walk. All those things, so they don’t have to worry about what’s going on.  It should be made your priority to keep your pet safe but also the people that are coming in as well, it’s safer for the animal if you have them secure or you take them with you.”



shellerhodenShellie Rhoden is an Animal Behavior Specialist with the Nebraska Humane Society.

She is also the founder of the Accept-A-Bull non-profit devoted to advocating adoption and responsible ownership of “pit bulls” dogs.