Real Estate Video Blog: “The Power of Positivity, Motivation & Goal Setting” Featuring’s Kristi Ferrera


This month’s Real Estate Video Blog is about Positive thinking and staying motivated. We spoke with the “Real Estate Rebel” Kristi Ferrera, from BHG in Kansas City and about Goal Setting and keeping agents going when they are stressed or needing an extra push.


Complete Video Transcript:

I’m a real positive thinker, people tease they’re like “do you always smile” well I try to. I think that that’s another way I could lead from example in my office, I don’t always have a great day, and my family probably sees the worst of me, but every day when I’m in the office, I’m there and I have a smile on my face and I’m there to help. In their car, I think it is a great opportunity to listen to motivation stuff, there are a ton of, and you can check out audiobooks at the library for free, but to get pieces in your car that will motivate you and keep you going, even if it’s a great song that you love, when you are on your way to a listing appointment, your energy level is important to a seller, so if you’re on your way to a listing appointment and you can get yourself a little pumped up, it can be any type of music, whatever you love that gets you feeling good inside so you come aside very positive and the power of music is incredible so either audiobooks, motivation pieces, training, there is great sales tools and things. That you can listen to in the car and I think it’s a great use of their time. To keep you going I think motivation is very important and a positive outlook, you know we can’t change the way the market has been over the last few years but we can adapt to it and run with it so you have to learn to adapt and go and remain positive.  I have a lot of agents that have vision boards and we, whether you call it goal setting or business planning. Every year we do a kickoff , we do a retreat, we do it outside the office and they put their things on paper and I keep that in front of them monthly to say hey this is where you’re going, this is where you want to go, this is how things are coming along, and then that why, what is that why, is it a car, is it a vacation, is it college, what is your why and I always try and remind them. I believe holy in the law of attraction, I do believe what you put out there does come back and I find myself taking a step back, if you are having  a bad day, taking a deep breath, and thinking oh this day is horrible and you go well of course it’s horrible because I think it’s horrible, it doesn’t have to be horrible so I live that way, I literally will take a deep breath then say what I put out there is going to come back, this day is going to get better, this day is going to be a fine day. I’m a firm believer in it, I’m a believer in it if you want to accomplish things for your health or for your business, or whatever it is you want to accomplish, it’s being positive and bringing that positive back into your life.



349db4fKristi Ferrara is what some of her colleagues call a “real estate rebel”.  She’s not afraid to say what she thinks & is constantly pushing her colleagues to try new things & better their practices. She believes in customer driven service & innovation, & isn’t afraid to take a leap into new technologies available in the real estate industry.  As Broker/Manager of Better Homes & Gardens ® Real Estate Kansas City Homes northland location, she guides her agents in these ideals by making sure they have the up-to-date tools & a top-notch support staff.


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