Little Genius Web Series: Uploading Photos and Video to Paragon

On today’s Little Genius webisode, we are covering uploading photos and video to Paragon. It’s important to get your images and video onto Paragon correctly so that they can feed out to as many sites as possible. Some Paragon users will have the option to add their video tour in multiple places. You can enter it anywhere you would enter a virtual tour or anywhere a video link is allowed.

First what you are going to do is open up your internet browser, then log into Paragon. Once you’ve done so, you are going to go to your listings, then you’re going to choose the house that you are going to upload the pictures or video to. Go to select an action, since we are uploading pictures, you are going to go to picture administration, then go to upload multiple photos, then go to browse. Then select the pictures you are going to download, then click open, then select upload, and this could take a few moments. Now that the photos are uploaded you can just go straight to close. Now all of your photos are saved to your house.

So now we are going to add a video link to your listing, so what you are going to do is go to your email, go to link a video on Youtube, and then copy and paste the link, and then go back to Paragon, go back to Paragon, go to select an action, then go to virtual tour. Now you are going to copy the link to both of these and then click save. Now the video is on your listing on Paragon. And that’s how you upload photos and add a video link to Paragon.

I’m Max, and Thanks for watching our tutorial and please contact us if you have any further questions about uploading your photos and videos into Paragon.

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