Little Genius Web Series: Opening Zip Files

Hello, My name is Max and today on the Little Genius Web Series, I am going to walk you through opening zip files. First what we are going to do is open up your email. Once you have your email open, select the email that we have sent you. Click on “Download Photos”.

If you are on a Mac, you will go to the downloads bar and double click on the photos and it will automatically open the folder for you to view all of your pictures.

If you are on a PC, when you click download photos you will get a pop up. You will want to select the “save as” option. Choose where you would like to save your photos to. We recommend saving them to your desktop so you can find them easily. After selecting the location, click save. You will see either a pop up or a download bar, either way, you will want to select the “Open folder” option or go to the desktop to locate your folder. When the folder pops up, you will want to right click on the folder icon and select “Extract All”. Once you extract all the photos, you have officially unzipped them. If you do not extract them, you may be able to view them but not upload them to MLS or open them in other programs so it is important not to skip this step in the PC unzipping files process.

Thanks for watching our quick tutorials and please contact us if you have any further questions about unzipping your files.

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