Real Estate Video Blog: “Omaha’s Mandatory LockBox Exchange” Featuring OABR’s Systems Administrator Lisa Welch


Omaha Area Board of Realtors: “On Monday September 24, thru Wednesday September 26, 2012 there will be a LockBox Exchange held at the Georgetown Club, 2440 South 141st Circle. This is a one-for-one exchange; for each blue iBox you bring to the exchange, you will be issued a new Bluetooth “BT” iBox.”

Full Video Transcript: “At the end of September, September 24th through the 26th, we’re going to be going through  lockbox exchange, and were going to switch out the current boxes that are on the current homes, and go to a newer style. There is a schedule that has been sent out (to all Realtors) on a flyer, and  its’ listed on the front page of Paragon as well as in the weekly e-flashes for your access. You just simply look at your last name on the schedule and you go at your designated time.

You do have to exchange the boxes. And you do need to go to the exchange. If for some reason you are going to be out of town, or traveling, you can send an assistant or another agent in your place, to exchange your lockboxes. There is an authorization form that needs to be completed. And if you contact me or email me at, I would be happy to send that to you.

The cost of the new boxes is going to be the same as the current cost of the boxes. After the lockbox exchange, the current i-boxes will no longer work, which is why it is so important that the agents attend the exchange event or send someone in their absence. That way the system works smoothly for anyone moving forward. You want to bring with you all of your current i-boxes, including the ones hanging on the listings. You will also need a government issued photo I.D. At the exchange, they will then take the old boxes, and give you a 1-to-1 exchange for the new bluetooth i-box. There is no charge for that to the agents.

If you decided that you no longer wanted to keep the active key, you could certainly upgrade to putting the system on your phone. If you have the iPhone, you will still need the adapter, and the cost of that at the exchange is $54.95 plus tax.

With the current i-boxes, this is the current key container, on the new bluetooth i-boxes, they have redesigned the key container, so its less likely to jam. You can also carry more keys with the new key container. It will hold five keys, you can put them back on a ring, they got rid of the chain. You can also put in key access cards for condos and town homes that are no longer using a physical key.

There are a couple changes to the bluetooth i-box, if you are using wither an android operating phone or a blackberry. One, you no longer need the key that you have been carrying around. The second thing is the way that the new box operates. In order for the bluetooth to operate the box, it needs to be activated. The way that works is, you will simply press up on the bottom of the box, and the little light in the purple oval will begin to blink. Then on your app on your phone, you will press obtain key, put in your pin number, and hit begin. It takes a few moments for this to communicate with the bluetooth box, and then as soon as your phone signals you that it was successful, you can simply press up on the bottom of the box, and the key container will come out. And those are some of the new and exciting changes, to the new bluetooth i-box.”

To look up your exchange time or to view more information about the OABR LockBox Exchange, click here.


Thank you to Lisa Welch and the OABR for this informative video for Realtors regarding the upcoming Mandatory Lockbox Exchange.