Real Estate Video Blog: “The importance of Technology, Photography, and Staging and the Role of Syndication in today’s marketplace.” Featuring Deeb Realty President/Owner Andy Alloway

Real Estate Video Blog: “The importance of Technology, Photography, and Staging and the Role of Syndication”

Deeb Realty President Andy Alloway reviews the importance of keeping up with technology and presenting your listings in the best possible way where people are looking first, the internet. Andy also discusses the changes in analytics and reporting needed to provide accurate feedback to your sellers.

Complete Video Transcript:

“I think we have an instant society for everything, they want instant gratification now, and because of the technologies they expect to have it now. Its multiple photos, its virtual media, its mapping technologies when I want to answer a question, I speak into my smartphone and it gives me an answer, so that’s the road that’s the road we live in now and the real estate industry is no different in fact it’s probably even more so. When somebody is looking for a home, which is many times the largest purchase or sale of their life, they want to investigate it, very detailed and so they want to be able to drive by a house, pull it up by address, pull up all the homes for sale in the area, see all the pictures, see all the information, know who they can contact by the touch of a dial, and if you don’t have that, they’ll find ways to do that, so it’s important for us an industry to allows kind of stay on that edge and provide that for what the consumer wants.

Sites or apps like Trulia and Zillow, they’re great sites and were partners with them as well, as are most real estate companies, but they may not have the most accurate data. Where we would go out and syndicate our listings about every 30 minutes, they might do it once a day and there is sometimes where there is download problems to these external third party sites, where there might be properties that are pending or off the market, where they didn’t get pulled or from those sites., now they are still displaying as active. The advantage to me to the local real estate app is the information is the most up to date as opposed to the national ones.

You know, I think one of the other things that it’s not just the technologies like the number of websites that are out there and all the virtual media and everything and the mobile technologies to deliver information. One of the unique challenges with having all these technologies and having all the websites is frankly sometimes with open houses or showings, we’ll get fewer showings then we did ten, or twelve, or fifteen years ago because  you know 15  years ago or twenty years ago, nobody saw it online, they couldn’t see pictures. If something went for sale on the market, a sign went up in the yard and they either had to wait for an open house or they had to call their Realtor to get inside. Now they can view all these properties in there.

So it presents a unique challenge for Realtors on how do we get the maximum number of people in the door and so professional photos have certainly become something that is extremely important. Staging has become important as well because if it’s not viewed properly online, you know you got about five seconds to capture their attention and they are gone, and if we would have gotten them in that door they might have said, “Gee, I love the layout of this house, I love the yard, yeah I can change the kitchen but if it was a bad photo of the kitchen, they may not have even considered it.”

So we really have to present the properties well online and the other thing is we’re starting to develop new ways to report the traffic because if I have an open house and I’ve got 10 people through, I can tell the seller I’ve had ten people through and here’s some of the feedback, but if people are looking at it online, like I said ninety percent of people shop online, how do we tell the seller that there are people looking at their home. So, many of the different syndication channels and websites that we send to now, we have reporting for our agents that we will actually track the number of people viewing their properties both just scrolling through then the detailed views of them. So that has been really big to provide that to our seller in a report format so that they can see how many people are looking at them.”

Thanks again to Andy Alloway for visiting with us about changing technologies, listing syndication, and the important of good photography & staging. To contact Andy Alloway, visit his website at: