Real Estate Video Blog: “How Omaha Sustained, The Risks of Selling Without An Agent, & The Advantages of the MLS” Featuring Omaha Area Board of Realtors CEO, Doug Rotthaus


For this week’s Real Estate video blog we interviewed Doug Rotthaus, CEO of the Omaha Area Board of Realtors. Doug gave us his insight on how Omaha was able to sustain it’s growth and momentum, climbing many National charts as a thriving city, during a time when most cities were experiencing great economic woes. He also speaks to the advantages of having a Realtor who can get your listing the best exposure through their experience and through the MLS & it’s community of dedicated Realtors. This is a great video to share with potential sellers to give them a quick overview of the MLS.

How Omaha survived the national real estate market struggle.
“Omaha is a great place to be right now, and the reason is, because nationally you hear it all the time, the real estate market is struggling. We didn’t see the rapid rise in property prices, therefore i don’t think Omaha sees the rapid decline that other parts of the country have witnessed.

Consequently, I think our market is recovering much faster and I think the principles that underly are much stronger. Omaha has a stronger economy. Job growth is good, and the economy is expanding in Omaha, and state-wide our unemployment is very low. All those things together are much different than other parts of the country.”

The risks of selling without an Agent:
“I think the risk involved in selling your own home is whether or not you have the knowledge to do it, and to know how to do it, and whether you can bring together the highest number of buyers to look at your property. Certainly the Realtor network brings all of that together into one place, so your home gets maximum exposure that way, which is really the best way to get the best price.”

The advantages of having your home listed on the MLS (only available through an agent)
“Today’s consumer is familiar with a lot of websites that have properties on them, from a marketplace. That information that is on those websites is generally a subset of information that was taken from multiple listings service. In other-words the multiple listing service pushed that information out to that website. Its the warehouse of information, where that public information comes from. Realtors of course have immediate access (to MLS), its in real time, so when you list your property and it goes into the multiple listing service, its immediately available, for over two thousand agents in the city of Omaha and the surrounding areas. It’s a network where they not only share information about properties that are for sale, but they also make an offer of cooperation to other agents that are in the marketplace. Its what brings buyers and sellers together.” (AP Note: *Omaha Realtors even have a community support forum where Agents can ask questions and help each other out on MLS, check out this OABR blog post to learn more-


Thank you to Doug Rotthaus for sharing his insights with us and our Real Estate Community!

Doug Rotthaus CAE RCE
Chief Executive Officer

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