Blog Real Estate Video Blog: “Learning to Manage the 5 Dimensions of Your Life While Managing Your Referral Network” Featuring Buffini & Co. Certified Mentor/Ambassador Client Carole Souza

This week, Carole Souza, the 2011 Mentor of the Year award winner from Buffini and Co., touches on several of the key values, lessons, and ways of doing business that she has learned from the Buffini and Company program. She also speaks on who would value most from personal coaching and the importance of learning how to balance your life in all areas.

Video Transcript:

“Buffini and company is a coaching company, the largest coaching company in the world. The headquarters are in San Diego, but they cover North America, Canada and they teach coaching and they also have new agent programs, and programs for creating referral businesses.

It applies to any business because it is about building us a referral business of repeat business, of creating an environment for your clients where they feel like you care about them on a consistent basis. And creating kind of an activation in them that when they hear (for example) real estate, they think of your name because you are the person that they trust and has become their resource for them.

I think what Buffini teaches not only real estate agents but lenders, title companies, there is even a guy in coaching that has been coming for the last ten years that sells swords. It is just whatever your business is and how you want to create and grow your business from a referral network. What he does is teaches you; his programs do and the coaches do; teach you how to stay in contact with people that you want to do business with. It is a business that is repeated so many times that you can begin to count on it. You can actually create, and i’m living proof because I have done this several times. You can create a network of business that you can pretty much predict What your income is going to be.

So many things come together, but I think the most important thing is that people just want to feel special, they want to be heard, and they want to know that they can trust that you are going to be there for them. I have learned that life is more than just one dimensional, that it is five dimensional. That I have to; in order to measure my success, I can’t just measure it in how many homes I sell, or how much money I make, or how successful my real estate business is. The measure of my life is how well I am doing in all areas of my life, and Buffini always talked about and we get coached to the five different areas of your life that really make up the balance that I think many people are looking for. It is your spiritual part of your life, your personal, physical, and emotional side of yourself. Your financial part, the side of your life that is business, and also your family life.

You know, there are a lot of very successful realtors, but if you ask them how their financial picture is, not so good. There are a lot of very successful realtors but ask them how their family life is, well they work seven days a week and twenty four hours a day. That is not what I have learned in coaching is I have learned how to manage and balance my life so that I am more of a whole human being and successful in all areas of my life.”

Thanks Carole for giving us the basics of how Buffini & Co. coaching creates an impact in all areas of their mentee’s lives, and teaches them to build a referral network by showing that they care about their clients.

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Carole Souza
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