Real Estate Video Blog: “What It Takes To Stay Successful in Today’s Real Estate Market” Featuring Mike Riedmann, President of NP Dodge Residential Sales Division & Director for the National Association of Realtors.

For this week’s real estate video, we spoke with Mike Riedmann, President of Residential sales for the oldest real estate company in the United States. Knowing what staying power it must take to keep a company thriving through so many industry changes over the bast century and a half, We asked Mike what advice on being successful that he’d give to agents who are new to the business or to agents who are feeling stagnate or “in a rut.”

Below is a transcript of Mike Riedmann’s Real Estate Blog Video:

“Well, one of the questions I am asked a lot of times is, “What are the skills needed to be successful in real estate sales?” And, like in any time of sales position there are a number of skills that really differentiate the success of one person from the success of others. But there are some basic skills that are universal to all. One, to be successful in sales, you need to be a self starter. You need to be self motivated. You need to have the confidence to go out and prospect for leads, to work with clients and to find the product that the client’s looking for. Ego helps you develop confidence. If you don’t have confidence, or a strong ego, you get very discouraged in any type of sales situation, particularly in real estate sales. You may have one sale a month, or you may have one every other week, but they’re few and far between. Its different than a job where your ringing up a cash register, and your measuring up your receipts at the end of the day. So you have to have a strong ego to be able to survive in this business. Some of that is through developing your confidence. When you see an agent that is really having a low point, one of the ways to get re-started is to back to the basics. You know a long time ago I used to tell sales associates when I was managing them then, “Hey why don’t you get out of the office, go to the Westroads, go somewhere, walk around the mall”. One thing the exercise will do you good, the change of scenery will help your mood, and you have a better chance of running into somebody at the mall that may want to buy or sell a home or need your services than you would if you sat around the office. So, get outside of yourself, is one of the easiest ways to get out of a slump. Change it up, do something different.

Thank you to Mike Riedmann for sharing his years of Real Estate experience with us and appearing in our Real Estate Video Blog.

Mike Riedmann, President of Residential Sales

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