Real Estate Video Blog: “Living with Intention & Creating a More Positive Environment” Featuring Prudential Ambassador Owner/Broker & National Coach Vince Leisey

In the busy world of Real Estate, it is easy to get caught up in the rush of our day to day work and lose focus on what really matters. Real Estate Broken/Owner and Motivational Speaker Vince Leisey stopped in to our studios to discuss the importance of practicing random acts of kindness. By practicing random acts of kindness, we can create a more positive environment around ourselves which helps us to keep motivated!! It’s also important to evaluate our life goals and make sure we are taking the time to enjoy our lives, enjoy our vacations, reward ourselves for all of our hard work, so that we can truly live our lives to their fullest!

  Below is a transcript of Vince Leisey’s Real Estate Video: My wife and I were down in Guerrero a couple years ago and we decided to take a sunset cruise and so we went over to Zihuatanejo, which is the neighboring town and we are at Zihuatanejo bay, waiting to get on this tri-ram which is this big sell ship, waiting to go out on this sunset cruise. As we’re standing in the line, there’s this elderly couple standing behind us and the gentleman has a cane. And the crew members put up about a foot and a half by 5 or 6 ft plank to get us off of where we were, onto the boat and you could just tell the fear of God that was going through this lady’s face as we were doing that. So as we got ready to get on the boat I just turned around to her and said “Hey, why don’t you take my hand and I’ll help you and as you get half way across, take the crew member’s hand and then you’ll be able to get on the boat and you’ll be safe. Don’t worry about it,” and I helped her and her husband on to the boat. So we go out on our sunset cruise and as we are coming back to the bay, the lady comes up to me and she has a (note)pad, about like this, and she says, “I’ve been over there writing you a letter for the last half hour,” and she says, “I finally decided to come  over here and just talk to you.” She had the whole front page and the majority of the back page of this note pad filled out. She said “Do you remember who I am?” and I said “Yes, you are the couple that was behind me that I helped onto the boat.” And she had this huge smile and this look of gratitude on her face. And to me, when I thought about that later, I thought, you know, it’s so amazing, that all I did was something that everybody would typically do. You’re helping someone onto the boat. I’m doing nothing out of the ordinary. It’s just a simple act of kindness. But yet, in life we get going a 100 miles an hour, and I’m as guilty as this as anybody else, and we forget just to take some time to make sure that we can do things that put smiles on other peoples’ faces. So one of the things that I encourage people to do on a regular basis is simple acts of kindness, which is, you know, tell somebody I like your hair, I like what you are wearing, congratulations on this, congratulations on your kids, congratulations on anything going on in their life. Buy, at Mc Donald’s, the meal for the person behind you, buy a coffee at Starbucks for the person behind you…you know, you can do these simple acts of kindness in a matter of a minute. It doesn’t take any time as your walking down the hall and you see somebody, just to say something nice to them. And the byproduct of this is that you change the environment that surrounds you. You in many cases put a smile on the face of that person that was having a bad day. The byproduct of that is that you put a smile on your own face and everyone around you is more positive. So this lady and I continued to talk, and she spent about 20 minutes sitting there talking to me, and she had tears coming down her face and I had tears in my eyes, and the conversation we had is a conversation I will never forget as long as I live. I literally did not sleep that night, I mean 5 minutes of sleep would have been the most I had. I tossed, I turned, and I could not get this conversation out of my head. This lady said, “I’m 91 years old and my husband is 93, and as you can tell, he’s not getting around very well. And as we go back to the States, we are going to move in to a retirement center. This is the last vacation that we are ever going to take. We have been coming down here for the last 30 years and we’ve always been bringing one of our kids with us, and that’s our kids over there.” They were about 70 years old, which I guess is the reason that I’m helping them on the boat verse the kids helping them on the boat. And that night, and I get chills just even thinking about this conversation again, that night I thought, “My God, we can not take life for granted. We need to live our life with intention. We do not know when we have taken our last boat trip. We do not know when we took our last vacation. That tomorrow is not a given.” So, so many of us in life try to put off something that we are going to do next week, next month, next year, and then we never get around to it. So, I encourage people…when you work, work hard. Be focused and get done what you’ve got to do. But when you play, play hard. Make sure that things that are important to you, things that are on your bucket list, you get them. And don’t put them off until tomorrow, because sometimes tomorrow doesn’t come.

Thank you to Vince Leisey for sharing his motivational advice and appearing in our Video Blog! You can contact Vince at

Vince Leisey, Broker/Owner of Prudential Ambassador, National Business Coach and Speaker